Together we are better and we can make our communities in the 11 County Economic Business Development Area greater than they have ever been.  As Publisher of Hikes Point News America, I am asking for your participation.  Please join all of the business owners, who are advertising in Hikes Point News America.  Soon you will see these advertisers on many different pages throughout the magazine. You will read stories about their businesses and about their communities. Their stories will inspire you.
No matter who is our next President, it will be the small business owners in America who will help bring the people of America back together again and make it great again.  The social interaction that customers experience in local businesses is the dailly human experience that make people feel connected to one another.  Only small business can help people in communities across America find this connection.  As small business owners we can help our customers feel optimistic again, hopeful and excited about their future, the future of their children and their communities.  Your participation in Hikes Point News America helps us tell the people in your community and people in the 11 County Economic Business Development area that you care about them and you are on the job daily doing your part to make the communities you serve better.  As a small business owner and leader, you are the face of your community.   People in your community look to you for hope.
One of the missions of HIkes Point News America is to bring the small business owners together in the 11 County Economic Business Development Area and present these business leaders as a strong independent united front that brings hope to the people in their communities.  Another mission of Hikes Point News America is to help the small business owners in the 11 County Economic Business Development Area increase their sales and the number of customers who shop in their stores daily. 
I am asking ever business owners in the 11 County Economic Business Development Area to become a sponsor of Hikes Point News America.  The sponsoring fee is only $250 for one year and includes one year of advertising in Hikes Point News America.  Click the word ADVERTISING in the navigation area above and read about how we gather our viewers and drive traffic to our magazine.  Also click the different icons in the advertising section and read about all the different components of advertising you will receive during your one year sponsorship. 
You might be thinking right now, "I don't need to advertise.  I have all the business I can manage now".  This is true.  You may not need us.  But we need you.  We need your participation to present a strong and powerful united front to the people living in the 11 County Economic Business Development Area.  The more businesses that participate the stronger small business will be viewed by the people in the 11 County Economic Business Development Area.  If consumers think the economy is good and strong, they spend more money and this helps businesses grow.  

Partner Contribution

Big Pages does not sell franchises, distributorships or teritories.  Big Pages parteners with local people all across America who want to to be Independent Big Pages Publishers and earn a good income by supplying businesses with advertising in a local Big Pages.

Partnerships with Big Pages are for four years and are renewable

Big Pages and it's partners agree upon an area for selling advertising in BiG Pages.  The BiG Pages name can only be used, by a partner, in the (1) area they choose

Partners pay $12,000.00 or more to use the BiG Pages name to sell advertising in the area they have chosen during the 4 year agreement.

Partneship printing cost will be determined at the first partnership meeting

Partnership monthly corporate administrative expenses are $85.00

Initial Big Pages Counter Top Holder cost is $500.00 

Cost for three days of training not including hotel and food is $500.00

Graphic design for each advertisement submitted is $60 (all advertisement are required to be designed at the corporated  BiG Pages office.)

Partners print BiG Pages every two months.

Partners may take up to three months to launch their first edition of BiG Pages in their chosen area

Advertisements in the printed edition of BiG Pages cost $300.00 for two months plus $60.00 per advertisement for graphic design.   Advertising in th on-line BiG Pages is $200 every 2 months.

Partners can sell advertisements on a two month schedule or a six month schedule or a twelve month schedule.  Contracts with businesses are required on all advertising sold beyound two months.

BiG Pages provides contracts.

Big Pages and it's Partners work together with a signed agreement detailing the functions and responsibililties of each.

Big Pages is agressively searching and recruiting talented partners  Areas will be assinged to the first to inquire.




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