My first wife Jeanetta was a Baptist preacher's daughter. (We were childhood sweethearts.)  I was an ordained minister.  She taught school after graduating from college.  We should have enjoyed a simple little life.  But, both of us wanted more.  She wanted to be a doctor and I was born to be an entrepreneur.  I truly loved Jeanetta and I know she truly love me.  But, as some of you know who are reading this, love is not always enough to keep two people together as husband and wife.  We both wanted to be free to pursue our potential.  She let me go and I also released her from her vow of "until death do us part."  The song Hello It's Me is about two people wanting to be free but still wanting to love one another.  It was our song.  Click the graphic below and listen, view and critique Todd Rundgreen's 1972 song Hello It's Me.  You will enjoy the video more if you use your ear buds.
Writer, John Rodgers


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