SaveThe American Children offers training and education programs that show children how to use the teachings of Jesus Christ to meet and conquer the challenges of a decadent society.  This training will empower them, fill them with hope and make them affective problem solvers.  They will discover who they are in relation to Jesus and God.  They will have an opportunity to develop a strong connection with the historical Jesus and the spirit of Jesus as they grow in their understanding of the purpose of Jesus and the purpose of his teachings.
Parents and children train together and have assignments to complete at home that reinforces what they learn at our training center.  This is not religious training.  This is not a preparation coarse for children to be admitted as a memeber to a church.  This is training that will prepare these children to decide if they want a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as they become the moral leaders of the future.  These teachings will show the children how to use their God given power to change our world into a place that puts God first.
These children will be shown how to grow their faith in God through the teachings of Jesus Christ.  These children will become the judges, governors, senators, congressman, corporate chiefs, and community leaders of the future.  They will succeed in turning America back to God.  Their faith will be powerful and they will be some of the most successful people in America.  Following God's leadership, they will help save us from ourselves.
The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, the leopard shall lie down with the young goat, the calf and young lion and fatling together; and a little child shall lead them."  Isaih 11:6 From the Holy Bible
These children will usher in the Age of God and the New America.  
Parents who would like to enroll with their children in this training experience can email and request an enrollment form.
Did you know businesses do better in a God centered culture?
How much money did your business lose last year do to shoplifting, employee theft and other reasons?  Stealing and crime is greatly diminished in faith based cultures.
If you are a business owner will you help us train the children by becoming an Official Sponsor of Save The American Children?
One of our team members will be calling on faith based business owners to share how we can help our sponsors grow their businesses and win more customers through their affiliation with Save The American Children.


Advocate For Children

Save The American Children lobbies for better protection and laws for children.  Millions of children go missing or are found dead each year and their deaths are not reported. Save The American Children works to convince congress to allocate more funds for the American children in need.  American Children First Before All Others is our motto.  This is not selfish.  Our children have been placed last for years and the collaspe of our culture is proof of this.



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